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The World of Cosmetics and Cleaning. Pure, Natural, Clean, Halal.


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The World of Cosmetics and Cleaning. Pure, Natural, Clean, Halal.


Why Spumy

Spumy Halal Cosmetics and Cleaning Products


Spumy Brand Organic produce is 100% herbal, natural and halal toothpaste, liquid hand soap, baby and adult personal care sector with hair-body shampoo was the first representative of the Halal concept. GIMDES first halal certification from Halal Inspection Agency have received our products are completely natural, is made from raw materials that do not harm human health and halal certified.




In SLES (sodium lauryl sulfate), sodium benzoate, colorings, fluoride, silicon is used and no animal suspicious entries. Spumy many harmful chemicals commonly used to purify the health of our consumers has been formulated.




GIMDES Who: GIMDES (the Association of Food and Consumer Goods Inspection and Certification Research) and this association depends on Economic Enterprise Council (GIMDES Halal Products Research Institute) with the production requirement since 2005, which are manufactured with both importation and offered to consumers in food, pharmaceutical, CLEANING and other basic needs AGENTS content with cosmetic products and to endeavor to investigate the need to know the additives used in the manufacture of these products, and operates to fulfill halal standards and function to create the certification procedure. At the moment 300 total of more than GIMDES controlled by the company's certified products are offered to consumers. GIMDES MUI Indonesia-Malaysia-JAKIM, Singapore-MUIS World Halal Council-International Halal Council is a reliable been accredited certifying bodies in international organizations such as parties.




Fluoride: A Toxic chemicals. Because natural features to be as fluorine used in nature in children with mental retardation, the collapse of the immune system, decrease resistance to infection, such as the delay of the reproductive system damage and the emergence of permanent teeth have many side effects. A team in white staining on teeth and causes softening. It leads to tooth decay more easily. Therefore, children should not lived up kullandırttı we will be sure to swallow toothpaste. This age is 5-6.




Spumy Why Should I Use?


What is Halal?


The concept of halal related verses and hadiths clearly fit in the life of Muslims as indicated and should pay attention to is one of the most important issues. The life style of food consumed, as the intended use of the products used in the production and supply conditions in the personal needs of daily life covers a range of subjects. In Islam, human beings endowed with physical and mental perfection of the highest precision possible protection is one of the first conditions. From this perspective, the choice of every Muslim halal food and personal care product use and should not be a lifestyle you desire. We drink water, we have to take care of our skin cream or the halal concept until we wash our hands or our hair with shampoo and soap are commanded by our religion. But today's food and personal care products in the world market at this point, unfortunately, unable to show this sensitivity.

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