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The World of Cosmetics and Cleaning. Pure, Natural, Clean, Halal.


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The World of Cosmetics and Cleaning. Pure, Natural, Clean, Halal.


Spumy Halal Cosmetics and Cleaning Products

Spumy Brand Organic produce is 100% herbal, natural and halal toothpaste, liquid hand soap, baby and adult personal care sector with hair-body shampoo was the first representative of the Halal concept. GIMDES first halal certification from Halal Inspection Agency have received our products are completely natural, is made from raw materials that do not harm human health and halal certified.

In SLES (sodium lauryl sulfate), sodium benzoate, colorings, fluoride, silicon is used and no animal suspicious entries. Spumy many harmful chemicals commonly used to purify the health of our consumers has been formulated.

Fluoride: A Toxic chemicals. Because natural features to be as fluorine used in nature in children with mental retardation, the collapse of the immune system, decrease resistance to infection, such as the delay of the reproductive system damage and the emergence of permanent teeth have many side effects. A team in white staining on teeth and causes softening. It leads to tooth decay more easily. Therefore, children should not lived up kullandırttı we will be sure to swallow toothpaste. This age is 5-6.

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