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The World of Cosmetics and Cleaning. Pure, Natural, Clean, Halal.


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The World of Cosmetics and Cleaning. Pure, Natural, Clean, Halal.


Shipping and Payment

a) The customer is responsible for unconditionally www.spumy.dayneks.net address of the credit card and other payment information used.   b) www.spumy.dayneks.net cancel all payments and transactions it deems suspicious credit card charges and reserves the right to suspend all services to customers.   c) All services are suspended by www.spumy.dayneks.net-payment process and know the customer to apply different pricing policies in arrears.   d) Customer credit card information to be recorded in the www.spumy.dayneks.net/ address and advance in the renewal of customer service will permit the use of this information.   e) the Customer's registered credit card information is collected in a pond and 3 www.spumy.dayneks.net declare any circumstances whatsoever will not be shared with the Party.   f) the electronically generated mail order and credit card guarantee the accuracy of the customer will pay. If there is incorrect information he knows that stopped without notice and acknowledge the harm and services will rise.   g) can change when the customer offered to pay www.spumy.dayneks.net bodies can turn to the use of language or customers.


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