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The World of Cosmetics and Cleaning. Pure, Natural, Clean, Halal.


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The World of Cosmetics and Cleaning. Pure, Natural, Clean, Halal.


About Us

Achievable healthy and beautiful things in Turkey

For Livestock Muslims make up about one-third of the world's population under the umbrella of the World Halal Council and Turkey GIMDES Food and Consumer Goods Inspection and Certification Research Association of our on important work "Halal Certification" topic has reached a very successful conclusion. GIMDES President Dr. Hüseyin Kami Büyüközer 's appointed honorary chairman of the World Halal Council, more than 80 certification bodies in the world with a global "Halal Market" has been created. In studies from this point GIMDES 'in its performance and it is appreciated among all member organizations. After that needs to be done inside, we think that the removal of a large number of the world's most rapidly developing the halal market and the best possible quality Turkish products.

Halal assertive in the Personal Care and Cosmetics!

As of October 2011, in cosmetics, personal care and cleaning products 40 'to close Halal Certification SPUMY brand Turkey's first and the only brand of cosmetics and cleaning products, is looking ahead with confidence. Personal care in 6 type Toothpaste, Foam Hand Soap, Adult Hair & Body Shampoo, Baby Hair-Body Wash, Baby Care Oil, Acne and Acne Cream, Night Cream, Cellulite Cream, Hair Care Oil, Moisturizing Cream, Wet Wipes, Pocket Dental Travel Kit Type Type Wet Wipes and cleaning products has increased, especially as the çeşitliliğini and Turkey 's place in 2023 it aims to take seriously.

World Halal Market's largest personal care products brand güçteyiz be ...

Industrial and personal care products for more than ten years in the field presented the activities of success continue our company within three years of R & D activities as a result of Turkey's first halal personal care products on the market. SPUMY international exhibitions and Halal Personal Care around the world as well as we should have joined the firm to reach us and our products is significant interest shown by consumers. We have received "Halal Certification" and we produce our products with great dedication, we aim to increase the world market. Turkey's first halal cosmetics company sertfikal cleaning and halal toothpaste, halal certified products, halal certificates, is GIMDES TSE

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